HL-1080P CCD Camera Co2 Laser Cutting - HOOLY LASER

HL-1080P CCD Camera Co2 Laser Cutting

HL-1080P CCD Camera Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

HL-P Small-format camera position laser cutting machine

HL-1080P CCD Camera Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

Product application

This type of machine applicable to trademark woven mark thie wearing leather.cloth toys,computer embroidery cutting,template cutting.paper products industry.


Applicable Materials

This kinds of model apply to. Leather wool fabric,cloth,plexiglass,rubbertwooden products and other non-metal material.


Product features

1.Visual positioning of the camera system and the computer software to work together,P Series machine can cut right fabric tensile deformation of the finer automatic tracking the entire process of compenstation to ensure that accurate and truthful cutting.Of coures, uwwers can sit back and relax;


2.Time is the shhortest path cuts the efficiency and effectiveness of the software design are P series of automatic cutters theree for camreas is of luminous point.and no shortest path of software design.the average cut about 10%-20%of the working hous.to increase by 10-20%profit;


3.The equipment is very light and handy saving the room and easy to operate.Radio frequency laser instrument with stable laser power and long life imported rom USA perfect the optic system.There is infer-red ray alignment instrument for previewing the poosition and cutting;


4.High precision stepping motor driver,exact stepping belt and wheel driving with high quality,insure high speed moving and precision;


5.With waste material gathering box,yt ys more convenient to clear up the waste materials; 


6.Adopting the most advanced DSP control technology to ensure the high speed and continuous curve cutting;


7.Superiority of software performance:The function of unite the curvilinear nodes be matched automatically;


8.The function of smoothing the corner to ensure the smooth cutting juncture;Can export some working like engraving/cutting small holes;Supports DXF、PLT、BMP、Al、JPG and many kinds of documents form; Excel lent method, after the picture designed, produce the best method automatically,save working time.


Technical Specification

Machine model HL-1080P
asertype Co2 laser tube
Laser power  80W/100W/130W/150W
Engraving area 1000*800mm
Engraving speed 0-1500mm/s
Cutting speeds 0-800mm/s
Repeating locating ±0.05mm
Moving system CNC controlling units
Working vilttage 220±10%50HZ
Whole power ≤1500W
Operating temperature 0°C-45°C
Controlling software Original helilaser software
Graphic format supported BMP  PLT  AI   DXF  DST

Cuttin Sample

HL-1080P CCD Camera Co2 Laser Cutting Machine


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