HL-1410T Multiple Heads Machine - HOOLY LASER

HL-1410T Multiple Heads Machine

HL-1410T Multiple Heads Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

HL-1610T multiple heads laser cutting machine serious

Product application

This kind of machine is suitable for clothing embroidery,leather products,wood products.electronic appliances model,tents.umbrellas,curtain.toys,carpet industry.


Applicable Materials

This kinds of model apply to. leather doth . resin . Wood . paper, acrylic . woolens . plastic . aibber. bamboo and other non-metal material.


Product features

Special, mechanical structure .laser location of the first free-conditioning .Double the work, so doubling the efficiency,but also the first single .convenient operation.

The latest HE LI operating software ,which can control two of the first laser power ,will enable two laser cutting head is fully consistent results.

High power lasers ,and a double -wide imports of optical reflector system ,the largest reduction of optical reflector system ,the largest reduction of optical. 

loss, ensuring consistent cutting depth.

Configuration import dual -three-phase motors .three-phase drive ,the more stable operating equipment.

Using a unique intelligent prediction algorithm and improved control algorithms, to ensure a balanced and efficient processing.


Cutting Sample

HL-1610T multiple heads laser cutting machine serious

Technical Specification

Machine model HL-1410T
asertype Co2 laser tube
Laser power  80W/100W/130W/150W
Engraving area 1400*1000mm
Engraving speed 0-1500mm/s
Cutting speeds 0-800mm/s
Repeating locating ±0.05mm
Moving system CNC controlling units
Working vilttage 220±10%50HZ
Whole power <1500W
Operating temperature 0°C-45°C
Controlling software Original helilaser software
Graphic format supported BMP  PLT  AI   DXF  DST




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