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2513 metal and nonemtal mixed laser cutting machine

2513 metal and nonemtal mixed laser cutting machine

2513 metal and nonemtal mixed laser cutting machine

Product application

Sheet metal processing industry, advertising decoration industry, handicraft industry, packaging industry, knife template industry, hardware industry, etc.

Product Materials

This product is suitable for all kinds of iron and steel stainless steel metal materiale such as wood,acrylic and other non-metal materials.

Product features

High precision, stable performance, fast speed

Multi-function laser cutting machine, addopting fiber laser and CO2 laser integrated design and manufactur,changes the history of fiber laser cutting machine can only cut metal .

15mm thick steel plate welding, and gantry milling processing, the processing surface thickness of 40mm.And with heat treatment processing, garrantee the machinery without deformation for 20 years, in order to achieve stable operation of machinery.

The machine is equipped with well-known brand fiber laser, has fast speed, thin incision, do not adhering slag advantages.

Can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, wood and other materials, advertising decoration, metal processing,is sheet metal production, gifts and other industries’ best choice of equipment.


Technical Specification

Model HL-2513F
Laser wavelength CO2:10640nm  Fiber:1064nm
Laser type Co2 laser tube and Fiber laser machine
Laser power CO2:200W    Fiber:300、500W、1000W
Engraving area 2500*1300mm 
Engraving speed 0-1500mm/s
Cutting speeds 0-800mm/s
Repeating locating ±0.05mm
Moving system CNC contral system
Working vilttage Ac220±10% 50HZ
Whole power 4500W
Operating temperature 5%-95%
Controlling software Original helilaser software
Graphic format supported BMP PLT AI DXF DST
Size 3000*1800*1150mm 
Gross weight  2.8T

Cutting Sample

2513 metal and nonemtal mixed laser cutting machine



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