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3015 double working platform fiber cutting machine

3015 double working platform fiber cutting machine

3015 double working platform fiber cutting machine

Product application

Sheet metal processing industry,advertising,decoration industry,handicraft industry,packaging industry,knife template industry,hardware industry,etc.

Product Materials

This product is suitable for cutting stainless steel plate, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, carbon steel, electrolytic plate, silicon steel, aluminum and alloy sheet metal.

Product features

High laser cutting speed,small deformation and high precision.

Gantry double drive structure.

Lathe is optimally analysed by finite element,annealing and vibration aning treatment.Can guarantee its high speed and high precision of cutting.

CNC numerical control system based on optimization algorithm,opto-mechatronics design,radically gurrantee the cutting performance.

Powerful software,simple operation,automatic programming supports dxf,plt and other graphic formats,compatibility strong.

Independent research and development of the double-exchange platform design, greatly reducing the loading and unloading time, improve customer processing efficiency.

Optional automatic feeding machine,consisting of sheet metal cutting flexible manufacturing system.


Technical Specification

Model HL-3015FA
Laser generator Fiber laser tube
Laser wave length Fiber:1064nm
Laser power 500W/800W/1000W/2000W3000W/4000W
Cutting stroke 3000*1500mm 
Cutting speeds Depends on its thickness
Repeated position accuracy ±0.05mm
Cutting thickiness 6mm/8mm/12mm/20mm/30mm/40mm
Whole power 5.5KW/8.5KW
Working vilttage AV380V±10%50HZ/60HZ/60A 

Cutting Sample

3015 double working platform fiber cutting machine



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