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3015 large surrending exchange platform

3015 large surrending exchange platform fiber cutting machine

3015 large surrending exchange platform

Product application

Widely used in kitchen appliance,electric control box,high-reesolute device,mechaical equipment,electrical equipment,lighting,posters,auto parts,display equipment hardware and metal processing.

Product Materials

Applicable to fast cutting on plate or tube in meta,mainly for cutting on SS,carbon steel.Manganese steel,galvanized plate,alloy plate,rare metal.


Product features

Fiber laser cutting with high cutting speed, low operating and maintenance costs, easy to operation.

The machine adopts moving gantry structure, gear rack and linear guide, smooth transmission, high precision.

The machine tool and the cross beam through the high temperature and the precision gantry milling, can maintain the high intensity and accuracy, for long-term work does not distort.

X, Y, Y axis are adopted imported servo motor, with high precision, high speed, high torque, high inertia, stable and durable performance, to ensure the machine's high speed and acceleration.

Based on the windows operating system, fiber laser cutting machine dedicated CNC system, integrated laser cutting control dedicated function modules, powerful function, nice human-machine interface, simple operation.


Technical Specification

Model HL-3015
Laser power 1000W 1500W
Cutting area 1500mm*3000m 2000mm*4000m
X axis stroke 3048mm 4048mm
Y axis stroke 1524mm 1524mm
Z axis stroke 120mm 120mm
Max running speed 100m/min 100m/min
Max accelerated speed 1G
Repeated position accuracy ±0.03mm/1000m
Cutting material thickiness (Carbon steel)0.2-12mm,  (Stainless steel)0.2-6mm (Carbon steel)0.2-18mm, (Stainless steel)0.2-9mm
Control system Pc Control
Transmission mode Rack and pinion double driver
Cooling type 2.5Pwater chiller 3Pwater chiller
Laser power consumption <2KW <4KW
Power supply requirement 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A
Dimensions(Length/Width/Height) 5600*2950*2000mm

Cutting Sample

3015 large surrending exchange platform



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