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Triaxial marking machine

Triaxial marking machine

Triaxial marking machine

Product application

This Kinds of model apply to leather, rubber, wood, bamboo, organic glass, ceramic tile, plastic, marble, jade, crystal, non-metal materials such as cloth etc. This machine is Widely used in glasses industry,leather material goods,Apparel Industry,wood material products ,crafts gifts products,package industry etc.Professional Large Format 3D dynamic Laser Marking, Available for 1200*1200mm Marking Area.

Product features

Using imported three-axis laser scanning galvanometer system, X, Y, Z, R four axis motor (X, Y, Z Linkage). With Compact structure, strong dustproof, easy installation, high precision, strong anti-interference ability etc.This system's design completely take galvanometer motor motor and drive plate ' s heat dissipation probleminto consideration .With the water colling device to dissipation the heat which ensured system with stabilitywith the long time working.

With big working area ,Marking(engraving) area can be 1200 mmx1200mm;Small light spot, strong power, increase to 15%.

Adopt Germany CO2 RF laser ,working life about 20000 hours,The scanning laser head can be  automatic adjust the lifting up and down c,Highest speed can be increasedto 20%.

With Tightly Structure , easy operation(the processing area can be adjusted random )


Technical Specification

Model HL-LEG180
Laser Type Domestic CO2 laser tube
Laser power 180W
Laser wavelength 10640nm
Whole machine power 4500W
Labeling scope 300*300mm~600*600mm(optical)
Repeat frequency 0K-130KHZ
Min linewidth  ≤0.3mm(according to material)
Running speed ≤7000mm/s
Cooling model Air-cooling
Supply voltage 22VAC/10A/50~60HZ
Size 960*1350*1900mm
Control cabinet size 650*650*880.5mm

Marking Sample

Triaxial marking machine



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