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Flying portable marking machine

Flying portable fiber laser marking machine

Flying portable fiber laser marking machine

Product application

Flying laser marking machine is widely used in metal molds, the processing crafts, medical drugs, a single product Pipeline operations.

This kind of machine widely used in mobile phone shells, rings, bracelets, watches, mugs, glasses, watches, key, instrumentation, sanitary ware,home appliances, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), the cell phone button, luggage buckles, cutlery, water faucet, stainless steel products, car accessories, cell phone chargers, cables and wires, and medical device industries.

Product features

Flying laser marking machine with air-cooled,easy installation,no supplies,easy to operate and flexible.

With pipeline design,making the feed more reasonable,more scientific and more convenient,higher reliability of laser,with strong continous working ability.

Portable laser marking machine:compact structure,small size,easy to carry,only 30-50kg.

All air-cooled ,no consumables,maintenance-free and low cost.

This series machine use the most advanced software and hardware,with high marking speed,high precision,can stability for long time working.


Technical Specification

Model HL-MF20W/30W HL-MF50W
Laser Max.power 20W/30W 50W
Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
Beam quality <2 <2
Repeat frequency 20-200Hz 20-200Hz
Optional marking area 75mmx75mm/145mmx145mm 75mmx75mm/145mmx145mm
Marking speed ≤7000mm/s ≤7000mm/s
Min. line width 0.01mm 0.01mm
Minimum character 0.1mm 0.1mm
Repetition accuracy ±0.0025m ±0.0025m
Laser module life >100000h >100000h
Cooling way Air-cooling Air-cooling
Power demand 220v±10%/50Hz/4A 220v±10%/50Hz/4A

Marking Sample

Flying portable fiber laser marking machine



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