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Laser welding machine for channel

Laser welding machine for channel letters

Laser welding machine for channel letters

Product application

Widely used in all kinds of stainless steel, LED channel letter, LOGO identity, signage, advertising products such as rapid precision welding.

Product features

Humanization design: very comfortable for operation and reduces fatigue.

Welding surface is smooth, without grinding and polishing, saving time and labor.

For the advertising industry, special long optical path, scale the wider.

High efficiency, special positioning devices, suitable for all kinds of irregular character pattern welding.

Specially designed long-focus lens with F=200mm, can meet the demand for welding high fonts.

Easy installation and fast, simple operation.


Technical Specification

Model HL-GG200 HL-GG400
Lift size 60mmX120mm 60mmX120mm
Table load 50kg 50kg
Electrical requirement 220V±10%/50Hz or 380V±10%/50Hz 380 V±10%/50Hz 60A
Laser type ND:YAG pulse ND:YAG pulse
Spot size 0.2-3.0mm 0.2-3.0mm
Max laser power 200W 400W
Pulse width 0.5-25ms 0.5-25ms
Pulse frequency 0.1-100Hz 0.1-100Hz
Focal length laser output 80mm/120mm/150mm/200mmOptional 80mm/120mm/150mm/200mmOptional
Laser cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Observing systems CCD/ Microscope(Optional) CCD/ Microscope(Optional)
Protective gas Argon Argon

Marking Sample

Laser welding machine for channel letters



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