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Successional fiber automatic laser welding machine

Successional fiber automatic laser welding machine

Successional fiber automatic laser welding machine

Product application

Sanitary industry: pipe joints, adjustable fittings, tees, valves.

Battery industry: lithium-ion battery, battery, electrode laser welding.

Glasses Industry: stainless steel, titanium alloy materials glasses of snap, and frame position precision welding.

Hardware industry: impeller, water bottle, water cupwine pot , stainless steel Bowl, sensors, diodes,aluminum, cell phone batteries, door knobs stirrer, shelves and other complex stampings, welding ofcast parts.

Product features

Using the latest in DSP control system,more stability,the software is more easy to operate,meet theneeds of large and complex products welding requirements.

High production efficiency and high welding speed,realizingautomatic mass production on the production line.

Can weld point, line, circle, elliptical arc, square and other arbitrary Planar orbit.

Has the function of automatic focusing and rotating, 3D space of arbitrary shape of welding products.

Good beam-spot mode, strong continuous workability, stable performance.

High photo-electro transition rate, saves 50% of power compared with YAG.

Easy for operation and learning.


Technical Specification

Model HL-GX500/800W/1000W/2000W
Host system dimensions 1500X700X1100MM
Cooling system size 820X580X1050MM
Machine power consumption 6KW-12KW
Electrical requirement 380V±10% /50Hz/60A
Aiming and positioning CCD and red light
Laser materia Fiber
Maximum laser power 500W/800W/1000W/2000W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Pulse width 0.1ms-20ms
Pulse frequency 0-10000Hz
Cooling method Water cooling
Spot size 0.05-2.0mm

Welding Sample

Successional fiber automatic laser welding machine



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